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What I Have Noticed This Year in Sports

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What I Have Noticed This Year in Sports

This article is going to have a pretty brief introduction to all of the things that I have noticed this year. I started this article by stating that I am an avid sports lover. I enjoy going to my favorite sporting events with my husband and with the children in my family. We will watch our favorite team play and usually follow their progress from year to year. Each year we try new things that we may not have done in the past and at times find things that we totally do not understand. I will get into more detail on what I have seen this year in regards to sports in a future article. For now, let us get started on what some of the things that you have noticed this year are.

Around the World – The Olympics have been an amazing revelation this year. For me, even though we did not really care for boxing not too long ago, we are now watching the Olympics and find it interesting. The sports that we have been following were not even in the discussion at all. Now, I know each sport has their own rules and what goes on in each tournament. For instance,Everyone always talks about the 2008 USA basketball team and all of their great players and now that they are listed in the Olympics, I find this fascinating. A basketball player is so fragile and all the really best ones can’t play when they are 31 or 32 years old. Basketball has really changed over the years and now we find because of the NBA players and the amazing dunking that they do, that this was really the best sport before.

    Human Diversity – Last year, this was a topic that needed to be brought up but at least it has been brought up. With the Have Olympics coming up, every country was represented as opposed to always being left out in the cold that we had when they competed separately. The sports that were given a chance to show what they could really do were guys like archery, cycling, boxing, skating, and swimming. Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Evander Holyfield were just some of the names that were introduced to us this year in regards to human diversity in sports. สล็อตเว็บตรง


     Winning is the Goal – This year, the Have Olympics brought this message across to the other sports as well. Who are we fighting for? Yes, even the United States tennis team was pushed to the extreme, because of privacy concerns. But, as a sports fan, I love it. Now, whoever wins is exciting because now, we are following other people and seeing if we can emulate them. Who played the golf course last year? Who is going to win in the marathon before the Olympics? Obviously the things that are gained through competition are great for us sports fans but unfortunately, this is a battle that can be close and in some ways be unfair.

Blind momentarily – Do you understand that wrestling, hockey, and swimming are not about right now, and are also in the middle of the season? Most people who do these sports want to do them your Have best because they are physically demanding. You can’t cut corners on the training and there is a lot of mental and emotional usage. For this reason, once the new season starts, it makes you wonder if you will ever be able to do what is being asked of you. No matter what the sport happens to be then finding what you like as player or spectator is going to be extremely hard because right now the sport is going to be demanding. Looking forward to seeing you as your season goes on.